May 10, 2012

Well I did not die........

Well I'm back!!! Did u miss me? We're your worried, that I wasn't coming back?
Well I was.
Here I am.
And almost like brand new.
The horrific surgery is over.
I survived.
No need for I told you so's , from those of you who assured me I would indeed
Not die.
I pulled threw with flying colors ( whatever that means).
I was feeling good enough to participate in the warrior dash on Saturday.
Even though it was 90 plus outside that day, I did really well.
I did all the obstacles .
However it did take me an hour to complete. And a few water breaks. And well some mud.
But it's all good.
I had a great time.
As of Sunday I have never felt better.
No more stress of worrying.
No more races to worry about.
Just back to my normal routine .
I honestly have not been happier in a long time.
Now I wish I had done this three years ago.
But you can't live life on should haves
. All I can do is go from here.
Onward and upward right.
Hell yes!!!

Not sure if I'll share any warrior photos of me doing the actual course
I look like a dork jumping over the fire.
But I suppose I can share a couple of
"after " photos of the sportsman and I.

Good times.



  1. So glad that you are doing great... and we want to see you leaping over the fire!

  2. I'm so glad you're and also that you did not die.

    And congratulations on completing the Warrior Dash. It's a fun event. I did it last year and will again this summer too. I loved it so much that I bought a picture of myself jumping over the fire and had it framed. LOL. That's how I roll.