March 29, 2012


So I never. Ok hardly never talk about work . Here. For good reason. Cause once before on my "other" blog ( that some co-workers found out about) I might have mentioned some stuff that a co -worker was about him. It became some big fucking dramatic ordeal. So I just don't . But today, well is different . I'm not saying anyone in particular here did this. And if someone thinks this is about them then you deserve to be called out on it. Yes yes I know get with the fucking storey already. So last week I go to the bathroom twice. ( ha ha I go more than twice in a day) do two damn times I go to take a piss and........ One someone ( no names here) didn't flush the damn toilet. Which totally pisses me off. It's just nasty. And Two their pee is freakin yellow. So the first time it ticks me off . The second time I decide that I need to post a note. For this inconsiderate piece of shit. And it said , " one be courteouse and flush, two If your pee is that yellow um hello you need to be drinking some H2o. Of course I never got a response or heard any gossip about it. But I guess it worked. Know why? I'll tell ya. I haven't had to pre flush since. Awesome huh. So the lesson for the day is... What ? If you don't flush be prepared to be called out on it. Ps really yellow pee is a sign of dehydration . So see I was doing this person a favor. They should give me an award. Right. I know. That's me. Always looking out for my fellow co-worker. Right . Wink wink Peace

March 25, 2012

The Pros and Cons of having a workout partner

I promise I wont talk a lot about working out "here",but right now I'm struggling with working out with the sportsman. Due to the fact that we have different goals. And he is a guy and I'm a women. We just recently changed our workout routine. Every six weeks. We change. So that your body doesn't get used to the workout. Anyways my goal is to lift. To build muscles. To I work work.out. the sportsman's goal. Cardio. Cardio. Cardio. Yes he needs to loose weight. I get that. But I already Run almost 3 miles a day. I don't need any.extra cardio. I know you probably think I'm being fucking petty. but I'm.not. the new routine has a lot of cardio. So the other night on my Way home, I called the sportsman . Asked nicely,if we could Tweek the workout just a bit. Of course he got defensive. For no reason. He got all pissy. Over the phone. For no. damn reason. I had an idea before hand that this is how it might go down. I love having someone to workout with. Someone to help me. But....... I think.there have to be goals. And those need to be somewhat similar. Right? I'm.just so frustrated right now.we are signed up for thing's.several 5k's and the warrior dash. Only 3 weeks till the first 5 k . Why cant we get on.the same page.ive even given him the option(threatened to find someone else) or to find another partner. But he swears he wants to stay with me.any suggestions? Anyone. Peace

March 20, 2012

Rock on!!!!!

Some of you remember me talkin about the out door concert from last year. It's the one in my area that is an all day event. Every May. We go . To watch some damn awesome bands play. There are on an average of 15 different bands that play. Noon till ( well after my bed time) hee hee. So last year was a shit year. Great bands. Suck ass weather. It was such a bad experience. That I don't even want to think about it. My point is I have a ticket for this years concert. It's their 20th anniversary. There are some totally kick ass bands playing. Three of my fav's will be there. 5FDP ( five finger death punch), chevelle . Not to mention other cool bands, Slash, rev theory, theory of a deadman, adelitas way, he'll yeah, up and coming volbeat, black stone cherry, and art of dying. Is that not a damn good line up? So here's the deal, IF the weather is freakin cold. I'm. Not. Going!!!!! I just can't do it again. And listen people by no means am I a pussy. So don't tell me to suck it up. I was there last year. I'm not going thru it agdin and freezing my ass off. Know why? Cause I don't fucking have to. So if I don't go, the sportsman will be selling my ticket. SO all I can say is I'm hoping for a beautiful sunny warm day. Peace

Books: Paper? Real Deal? Or electronic

Sometime before Christmas the sportsman asked me a couple of times if I would be interested in the kindle fire. I just laughed at him. I love" real" deal. The smell. The Turning the pages of a book. Reading in the bathtub .
I belong to a book club. I order books all the time. And I never share or loan out my books.
I'm weird like that. And i have been known to read them more than once.
( due to memory loss issues. I forget what I've read) its all good.
Sooooo, We have alot of books. The kids have books, the sportsman has his books. i have b o o k s .
We have a huge book shelf that is double, triple stacked with books.

So the sportsman aka Big Daddy, bought me a kindle fire for Christmas. I wasn't expecting it. I was super surprised.
And was very resistant to it in the beginning.
Then I checked out some of the cool features.
Now I love it. I don't even need my laptop anymore. This thing does it all.
Well not everything. But all that I need it for.
And it's not expensive. And you don't have to purchase a data package to use it. Sweet!!!
And there is all kinds of free shit. I love f r e e .
Don't you ???
So if you've thought about getting one.
I say it's totally worth it.
Out of all the electronic devices out there it's the cheapest. For sure.
The only draw back is I can't take it in the bath tub with me .
But I suppose since summer is here I won't need to take as many hot baths.
So it's all good.


March 19, 2012

The Outsiders

A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night. For whatever reason I couldn't sleep. So I did what most people do.
No not play with myself .
Ha ha I know that's what you thought I was gonna say.
I turned on the tv.
Flipped thru some channels, till I saw the outsiders was on. Now that movie is old. And I haven't seen it in years. It has some great actors in it.
Very interesting story.
Normally I will just set the sleep timer and eventually fall back asleep. Not this time. Don't get me wrong I was tired. But for whatever reason I just could stop watching it.

Have you ever seen it? It's a classic.
At least watching it I finally did fall asleep and I didn't eat any food.
Which is always a possibility if I wake in the middle of the night.
Anyways if you have not seen it
It's a must see.


The Dangers of the Sunny Sunshine

It's not "new" news that I love the summer sun. I love the heat. I love the warmth on my skin. It just makes me feel good all over. I also like to have a little color to my normal pasty ass white skin. Over the years I've had to wear a hat to cover my face, due to the nasty age spots I get. Even with sun screen. It also shouldn't be a surprise that I spend alot of time laying out during the summer. Again, because I like the heat.t body craves it. I've done it for years. Sometimes I lay out naked . Sometimes not. Just depends on how I felt that day. And yes the sportsman is aware of this. Does he have a problem with it? Hmmmm . I don't know. Never asked. So anyways my thought behind this post was, recently we've been having some warmer than usual temps considering its only spring. Which makes me want to break out that bikini and coco tanning oil. Cause your muscles always stand out more with a tan. I'm not talking black. I'm talking a hint of color. So all this got me to thinking. About a friend of mine from HS. Who died last year over the holidays. He died of brain cancer. Now I'm Sure your asking what the hell does that have to do with the sun. Well I'm Gonna tell ya. This friend of mine. He started off with skin cancer on his chest. I can only assume from all his years of running cross country with no shirt on or sun screen. I'm just guessing here. So anyways. He had it removed. Went thru chemo. All was good. THEN, he found out it was back . But this time in his brain. Just freaking sad. From the time he found out it was in his brain till he died was less than a year. He was 41 years old. He left a son behind. It just makes me think . Is it really that important that I have that hint of color this summer? Cause that could easily be ME! Or you! Am I willing to take the risk? Certainly makes me see things differently. Peace

The First of New

This is where the magic will take place. only happy shit here. Where every dogs a wiener. Ha ha A play on words. Here everyone is a winner. CAUSE I'm funny ha ha like that. So make sure you come back for a visit. Peace