June 20, 2012

I have the most awesome guy

I'm talking about the sportsman.

I recently challenged my guy to get ripped. Now don't get me wrong .
He is a big guy. With BIG muscles .
He just isn't ripped.
I want him to have the same drive as me. The desire to be better.

And guess what?
He said, YES!!!!

Isn't that cool.

My guy is pretty laid back.
He's fit. He's healthy. For him
That's enough .
But to be honest
It's not enough for me.
I work hard for my body.
I want him to do it too.
I look at all these men in the gym every day. Alot the same age as my guy.
But they look awesome.
It's frustrating. Cause I know my guy has the potential to be huge and ripped.
I plan to do before and after photos.
For sure.
Can't wait.
I get your super freakin excited to
Right. Ha ha
It makes me wet just thinking about it.
I know. I'm "special".


Everyone wants to know

I'm super popular, don't you know.
Ha ha

So much so that everyone is curious about my blog.
It's the hot topic.

Not sure why. Honest.
Havent a freakin clue.

But it is.

Especially since this new one is very tame compared to my other ones.

So why the interest ???

Why do these people care. What I'm writing about. Or that I even have a blog.
Do they really think I would write about them?
Is that what sparks the curiosity?
Is it the pictures of my fat wiener?
Must be. Silly people.

So I show some skin now and again. Whoopee!!!!
Is that what makes them wanna read?
I mean come on,
You can see skin anywhere.
Porn for that matter.
So why me?


June 19, 2012

Wow . No Holy shit. Is all I could say

Everyone knows I'm not " normal". Right.


So recently I received some news.
Shocking. At the time.
I'm dealing with it better now.
Initially I was blind sided.
I mean it is the soccerboys senior year.
We have lots going. And school hasn't even started yet.
And there is the word
I know I know it's not about me
I was not feeling old , even with the soccerboy being a senior.
Now. I just don't know.
I know I don't want to be called
"grandma". I don't feel like one.
So the cats out of the bag.
My tattoo girl is gonna have a baby.
I am excited. Really.
And I will be very involved. Well as involved as she wants me to be.
Technically no one knows yet.
It's a secret still.
But soon I will be sharing it with everyone.
But I'm really gonna have to come up with a better name for my role I will play.
So for now everyone keep this on the down low. Ok
More exciting info coming soon.
And well of course photos.


June 1, 2012

Newlywed show you ROCK

Recently the sportsman and I were watchin the newlywed show. ( the new one)

( yes we like to see how many of the questions we can get right. After being married for 10 years)
Surprisingly we get most right.
One of the questions was.......

For the men. How many days a week does your wife's bras and panties match?
Interesting question.
I'm pretty sure for me, the answer is
ONE. That is black on black.

So it got me to thinking , shit . I need some new stuff.

So last weekend when the sportsman was out playing golf.
I went shopping.
Since anyone who knows us, knows the sportsman is "tight" with money.
It stresses him out.
So I waited till he was out of town.
Thinking that after the fact, once he sees how sexy they look he won't be as upset.
It's not like I was gonna spend a shit load or anything on undies.
Plus it's important to spice shit up. No?
Besides I need new panties to show off
All my newly defined muscles.
Right? Yes!!!!
Lots of awesome colors that show off my tan.
You would be proud. I only bought five pairs.
And I think they look pretty good.
Here you can judge for yourself.
Awesome right?
Thank you newlywed show.
It's because of you, that I got some new shit.


Are we In or are we Out?

First I wanted to throw out there real quick.
I'm thinking about quitting. Blogging.
So if there is a n y o n e
Out there who actually reads this shit
And wants me to continue
You need to come forward. Speak up.
Or I'm just gonna shit can this blog.all together.

So now thats out there.
I wanted to talk about something important.
And as I recently had a conversation with the soccerboy.
I totally get, what's important to one might not be to another.
If you don't know what I'm about to say
How can you decide the level of importance before you fucking write me off????
Can I say at 17 kids can be real shits!!!!

Moving on.
Is what's important to me. Music does not determine my mood.
But depending on my mood will help me decide what genre I listen to for the day.
And I listen to music from the time I get up till the time I go to bed.

Like right now, as u type I'm listening to some awesome 70's music.
Takes me back to my childhood.

Don't try and figure my age off that.
My parents were big in classic rock when I was younger. Ha ha

Now as much as I love music, and all the traveling and what not to see bands that the sportsman and I do together. I'm kinda tired of it.
They are never just one band. It's always a whole day event. It wears me out.
I did not go to the big rock concert this year with him. Even though it was the 20th anniversary for this particular festival. Due to the colder weather.
The sportsman was very upset. Even waited till the last minute hoping I would go before he sold my ticket.
I just wasn't going to have a repeat of last year.
Even though a bunch of my fav's were going to be there.

It's whatever.

So music is important.
Which is why on my "other" blog I used to do the band of the week post.
It was cool cause it gave me a chance to learn more about different bands that I liked. I feel like it makes the music better when listening to their songs of you know more about them.
( but then I got too busy to look stuff up and the sportsman got mad cause I was spending too much time on my computer)
So I haven't been able to do that for awhile.
Maybe that's something I'll have to start up again.

Ok so I'm gonna go. Maybe I'll be back
Maybe I won't
Just depends on if there is any reason
I should come back.
So I'm putting it in YOUR lap now.
If you want to here more shit that spills out of my mouth.
Let me know.