March 29, 2012


So I never. Ok hardly never talk about work . Here. For good reason. Cause once before on my "other" blog ( that some co-workers found out about) I might have mentioned some stuff that a co -worker was about him. It became some big fucking dramatic ordeal. So I just don't . But today, well is different . I'm not saying anyone in particular here did this. And if someone thinks this is about them then you deserve to be called out on it. Yes yes I know get with the fucking storey already. So last week I go to the bathroom twice. ( ha ha I go more than twice in a day) do two damn times I go to take a piss and........ One someone ( no names here) didn't flush the damn toilet. Which totally pisses me off. It's just nasty. And Two their pee is freakin yellow. So the first time it ticks me off . The second time I decide that I need to post a note. For this inconsiderate piece of shit. And it said , " one be courteouse and flush, two If your pee is that yellow um hello you need to be drinking some H2o. Of course I never got a response or heard any gossip about it. But I guess it worked. Know why? I'll tell ya. I haven't had to pre flush since. Awesome huh. So the lesson for the day is... What ? If you don't flush be prepared to be called out on it. Ps really yellow pee is a sign of dehydration . So see I was doing this person a favor. They should give me an award. Right. I know. That's me. Always looking out for my fellow co-worker. Right . Wink wink Peace

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