March 20, 2012

Books: Paper? Real Deal? Or electronic

Sometime before Christmas the sportsman asked me a couple of times if I would be interested in the kindle fire. I just laughed at him. I love" real" deal. The smell. The Turning the pages of a book. Reading in the bathtub .
I belong to a book club. I order books all the time. And I never share or loan out my books.
I'm weird like that. And i have been known to read them more than once.
( due to memory loss issues. I forget what I've read) its all good.
Sooooo, We have alot of books. The kids have books, the sportsman has his books. i have b o o k s .
We have a huge book shelf that is double, triple stacked with books.

So the sportsman aka Big Daddy, bought me a kindle fire for Christmas. I wasn't expecting it. I was super surprised.
And was very resistant to it in the beginning.
Then I checked out some of the cool features.
Now I love it. I don't even need my laptop anymore. This thing does it all.
Well not everything. But all that I need it for.
And it's not expensive. And you don't have to purchase a data package to use it. Sweet!!!
And there is all kinds of free shit. I love f r e e .
Don't you ???
So if you've thought about getting one.
I say it's totally worth it.
Out of all the electronic devices out there it's the cheapest. For sure.
The only draw back is I can't take it in the bath tub with me .
But I suppose since summer is here I won't need to take as many hot baths.
So it's all good.


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