March 19, 2012

The Dangers of the Sunny Sunshine

It's not "new" news that I love the summer sun. I love the heat. I love the warmth on my skin. It just makes me feel good all over. I also like to have a little color to my normal pasty ass white skin. Over the years I've had to wear a hat to cover my face, due to the nasty age spots I get. Even with sun screen. It also shouldn't be a surprise that I spend alot of time laying out during the summer. Again, because I like the heat.t body craves it. I've done it for years. Sometimes I lay out naked . Sometimes not. Just depends on how I felt that day. And yes the sportsman is aware of this. Does he have a problem with it? Hmmmm . I don't know. Never asked. So anyways my thought behind this post was, recently we've been having some warmer than usual temps considering its only spring. Which makes me want to break out that bikini and coco tanning oil. Cause your muscles always stand out more with a tan. I'm not talking black. I'm talking a hint of color. So all this got me to thinking. About a friend of mine from HS. Who died last year over the holidays. He died of brain cancer. Now I'm Sure your asking what the hell does that have to do with the sun. Well I'm Gonna tell ya. This friend of mine. He started off with skin cancer on his chest. I can only assume from all his years of running cross country with no shirt on or sun screen. I'm just guessing here. So anyways. He had it removed. Went thru chemo. All was good. THEN, he found out it was back . But this time in his brain. Just freaking sad. From the time he found out it was in his brain till he died was less than a year. He was 41 years old. He left a son behind. It just makes me think . Is it really that important that I have that hint of color this summer? Cause that could easily be ME! Or you! Am I willing to take the risk? Certainly makes me see things differently. Peace


  1. I'm too pale. I don't tan well at all...well, I do end up with a farmer's tan on my arms. But it's mostly just red from a burn.

    I say avoid it. There's something attractive about milky white skin too !

  2. Mac, your too sweet. Thank you.

  3. Skin cancer can lead to brain cancer? I had no idea! Living in AZ that is scary! I have Irish skin so I don't tan any ways.

  4. If you are wanting a hint of color try the Jergen's Glow body lotion. It seems to help; but then I've only been using it for a few days.

    Wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment (sorry to do it here, but it was the only place I could find to do so). Yes, I'm not looking forward to him leaving - but I guess I have to look at it like this is what we've been preparing him for since birth. *sigh*