June 1, 2012

Newlywed show you ROCK

Recently the sportsman and I were watchin the newlywed show. ( the new one)

( yes we like to see how many of the questions we can get right. After being married for 10 years)
Surprisingly we get most right.
One of the questions was.......

For the men. How many days a week does your wife's bras and panties match?
Interesting question.
I'm pretty sure for me, the answer is
ONE. That is black on black.

So it got me to thinking , shit . I need some new stuff.

So last weekend when the sportsman was out playing golf.
I went shopping.
Since anyone who knows us, knows the sportsman is "tight" with money.
It stresses him out.
So I waited till he was out of town.
Thinking that after the fact, once he sees how sexy they look he won't be as upset.
It's not like I was gonna spend a shit load or anything on undies.
Plus it's important to spice shit up. No?
Besides I need new panties to show off
All my newly defined muscles.
Right? Yes!!!!
Lots of awesome colors that show off my tan.
You would be proud. I only bought five pairs.
And I think they look pretty good.
Here you can judge for yourself.
Awesome right?
Thank you newlywed show.
It's because of you, that I got some new shit.



  1. absolutely awesome. How can anyone get mad over that.

  2. The newlywed show is the best! Same with those sexy panties! You look great! :D

  3. Thank you
    I think everyone deserves new things once in a awhile to make u feel sexy


  4. If my opinion helps at all, you absolutely made a good decision!

  5. Dude, there's no way he can be mad. And your abs rock. Your six-pack even beats mine!