June 1, 2012

Are we In or are we Out?

First I wanted to throw out there real quick.
I'm thinking about quitting. Blogging.
So if there is a n y o n e
Out there who actually reads this shit
And wants me to continue
You need to come forward. Speak up.
Or I'm just gonna shit can this blog.all together.

So now thats out there.
I wanted to talk about something important.
And as I recently had a conversation with the soccerboy.
I totally get, what's important to one might not be to another.
If you don't know what I'm about to say
How can you decide the level of importance before you fucking write me off????
Can I say at 17 kids can be real shits!!!!

Moving on.
Is what's important to me. Music does not determine my mood.
But depending on my mood will help me decide what genre I listen to for the day.
And I listen to music from the time I get up till the time I go to bed.

Like right now, as u type I'm listening to some awesome 70's music.
Takes me back to my childhood.

Don't try and figure my age off that.
My parents were big in classic rock when I was younger. Ha ha

Now as much as I love music, and all the traveling and what not to see bands that the sportsman and I do together. I'm kinda tired of it.
They are never just one band. It's always a whole day event. It wears me out.
I did not go to the big rock concert this year with him. Even though it was the 20th anniversary for this particular festival. Due to the colder weather.
The sportsman was very upset. Even waited till the last minute hoping I would go before he sold my ticket.
I just wasn't going to have a repeat of last year.
Even though a bunch of my fav's were going to be there.

It's whatever.

So music is important.
Which is why on my "other" blog I used to do the band of the week post.
It was cool cause it gave me a chance to learn more about different bands that I liked. I feel like it makes the music better when listening to their songs of you know more about them.
( but then I got too busy to look stuff up and the sportsman got mad cause I was spending too much time on my computer)
So I haven't been able to do that for awhile.
Maybe that's something I'll have to start up again.

Ok so I'm gonna go. Maybe I'll be back
Maybe I won't
Just depends on if there is any reason
I should come back.
So I'm putting it in YOUR lap now.
If you want to here more shit that spills out of my mouth.
Let me know.



  1. I love your posts and want you to continue.

  2. Love the picture

  3. Of course you should keep blogging. How dare you even think otherwise. ;)

  4. I would definitely miss the call it as you see it style of your writing as well as missing you. Hope you keep on blogging.

  5. You know that I dwell on every word...

  6. The masses have spoken! :-)

  7. Gee, it's not like you to be all or nothing....

  8. I know I normally am not a black or white kinda gal.
    In most situations.
    I just was feeling lately a little
    I don't know.
    Like it didn't matter. Anymore
    Thought it was best to put out some feelers
    Ya know.
    Thanks u guys

  9. Keep blogging...Don't be a 'weiner'! :D

  10. You absolutely need to keep on blogging. As Will Farrell said in "Old School," "Keep on trucking." LOL. I hope you'll keep doing it.