June 20, 2012

Everyone wants to know

I'm super popular, don't you know.
Ha ha

So much so that everyone is curious about my blog.
It's the hot topic.

Not sure why. Honest.
Havent a freakin clue.

But it is.

Especially since this new one is very tame compared to my other ones.

So why the interest ???

Why do these people care. What I'm writing about. Or that I even have a blog.
Do they really think I would write about them?
Is that what sparks the curiosity?
Is it the pictures of my fat wiener?
Must be. Silly people.

So I show some skin now and again. Whoopee!!!!
Is that what makes them wanna read?
I mean come on,
You can see skin anywhere.
Porn for that matter.
So why me?



  1. It's the person behind the skin along with the fact that the person behind the skin is a person not afraid to show some skin or to speak her mind. And lots of times you are that person who says stuff we are thinking but didn't come out and say.

    Or, maybe just because you are awesome!

  2. I agree with Marcus it is your views and unique perspective on things. And of course the fact that you show some skin.

  3. I guess but I just don't understand .

  4. You are awesome. I've always enjoyed reading your posts. And hope you continue to update this one.

    Oh, and don't be a stranger at my site. We miss you over there. Stop by some time and have a great Fourth of July!