June 20, 2012

I have the most awesome guy

I'm talking about the sportsman.

I recently challenged my guy to get ripped. Now don't get me wrong .
He is a big guy. With BIG muscles .
He just isn't ripped.
I want him to have the same drive as me. The desire to be better.

And guess what?
He said, YES!!!!

Isn't that cool.

My guy is pretty laid back.
He's fit. He's healthy. For him
That's enough .
But to be honest
It's not enough for me.
I work hard for my body.
I want him to do it too.
I look at all these men in the gym every day. Alot the same age as my guy.
But they look awesome.
It's frustrating. Cause I know my guy has the potential to be huge and ripped.
I plan to do before and after photos.
For sure.
Can't wait.
I get your super freakin excited to
Right. Ha ha
It makes me wet just thinking about it.
I know. I'm "special".



  1. I hope he knows and appreciates that you get wet thinking about it, I know that would be a huge motivation for me.

  2. I'm gone from 20% to 13% body fat. My gut has gone, my abs actually have definition, but I have the shallowest layer of fat covering that elusive 6-pack, which makes me want them now more than ever.

    I think the closer the Sportsman gets to being ripped, the more he is going to want it, and with something like this you have to want it yourself.