April 24, 2012

Corporate challenge

That should say it all. No?
Does your company participate in this?
In my area my company does.
It's a big deal.

Very competitive.
So I decided I would sign up.
Of course there are try outs.
Yes let's add some additional freaking stress to my already monster load.
Why the hell not. What could it possibly hurt ? Right.

So where was I? Yes, I signed up.
So I've been asked to submit my weight and max bench press weight.
So I ask the sportsman. Cause we have been practicing this since I decided to sign up.
I had no idea all the specifics. In order for the lift to count.
So I ask the sportsman realistically what should I put down . For my max
Amount. His reply, " 110lbs".
What the fuck really?
Are you sure? Cause h e l l o!!!! I have to really be able to lift that. There will be try outs.
Anyways he assures me that I can do it.
Of course that's his answer. ( for everything)
Just like when i asked him if he was sure I should do the warrior dash obstacle course.
I guess you also get extra points or something if you can bench your own weight. Ummmm, that's not gonna happen. I weight 123lbs. Benching 110 lbs is already pushing it.
The sportsman keeps reminding me I only have to do it ONCE.

Not a problem.
Sure thing.
Ha ha

I'll keep you posted.
Of course first things first I have another 5k this Sunday I have to complete.
Then I'll worry about corp challenge.


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