April 12, 2012

The time is almost HERE

I've been waiting/training for 11 weeks now. For my race to get here. And a week ago, I was on top of the world.
I was feeling freaking awesome. I was running for longer than I ever have.
My muscles were a little sore but I was doing great.
My iron dropped. Then I was going to have to get a blood transfusion or I was not allowed to run .
I was depressed. I know all over a race.
My iron came up enough ( due to eating things like liver and taking iron supplements) and I was cleared to run.
I came down with this freakin cold.
So the week of the race, and I'm now sick.
Might not get to run.
Also it's supposed to rain now. 60 percent chance on race day. What the hell!!!
This week is sooo not how I expected it to go.
I've worked hard. I deserve to run.
My mother says, that maybe I should just skip it and wait till everything aligns better. Right ! Cause all the good runners wait until every thing is Perfect. But she also reminded me that most people don't have my health issues.
Life is
Not fucking
Yes that's childish
But how I feel right now.
I just can't seem to catch a break
Now I'll step down from my pity party.


1 comment:

  1. I have a friend who runs in all sorts of races including Iron Man. The weather always sucks when she has to run. It's part of the deal. If you want to do it, as long as you don't have a health issue or injury preventing it you just have to suck it up. Each race teaches you something new so you are prepared for the next one.