April 26, 2012

I need a cigarette

It felt so good i almost fell asleep. This is a true story people.

I never got it in movies when it showed people smoking a cigarette after sex.

I mean come on, I've had good sex and awesome orgasms before
And never felt the need to have a "smoke" after.
Besides the fact I've never smoked in my life. So I just did not see the appeal

Ok so where was I? Yes
The other morning I was in the mans room
Hangin out. Ha ha
No really it's my place to go.....
Take a break.
Ok so it wasn't a " break".
I actually was in a hurry.
Not much time in the early am to get off.
And this particular morning I really needed IT b a d !!!!

It had been awhile. Which is a damn shame.
And maybe that's why this one was do freakin good.
But it was the most intense one I've had in a long time. I worked really hard to get it.
It was so damn good that I needed a nap.
And that was when I realized why those people in the movies felt they needed a smoke after.
Now I totally freakin get it.
Is it this way for everyone?
Have I been missing out this whole time? I've been shafted some how I can feel it.
Anyone? Is this a girl thing? A guy thing?

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