April 26, 2012


I visited with a gf from my gym this am. She recently entered in the womens body building competition .
She did a kick ass job. She looks amazing.
So after my run I stopped in to chit chat with my gym "friend". To tell her just that . Everyone needs their ego stroked once in awhile.
While I was standing there, I really looked at her body. And it is amazing.
It made me decide instantly that after my last run I've got to get back to my lifting. No more runs. I feel alot more comfortable lifting weights.
So that's what I'm
Doing. Going full on. Back to lifting.
I'm more than driven to succeed.
Determined to be freakin ripped.
I can't do that with all the running.
Not that I look bad now. But I want to look better. More defined.
Yes I'm crazy obsessed. I know it.
You don't have to say it.


  1. You look great. And I'm sure you'll look even better. You ARE going to share pics of that ripped body of yours, right?

  2. Like SL said I certainly hope so

  3. Dont cut out the running completely... I have tried a few different workouts that focus on being ripped and all of them still have some aerobic activity involved...

    I need to get back in they gym as well... starting to feel a little soft.