April 3, 2012

My chihuahua is one strange bird

So I buy this special food for my little princess chihuahua . I equally buy specific food for my wiener dog.

I put their food in separate places in the house. M's food goes in her bed room. Yes, my dog has her own room.
( long story for another time)
So on/off the wiener R. Comes cruising down the hall, to steel M's food.
I yell at him, "do you think your being sneaky R.? "
" cause I can hear your creaky ass joints ". Seriously . dumbass.
Get on down the damn hall.
Of course R. Is the sportsmans
dog. And he just thinks its freaking funny. The sportsman. Not the dog. Well who knows. Maybe the dog too.
Me. Not so much.
So the other day I put some of R's food out on the floor for my baby M to eat. Only fair right ?
So you know what she does?
She rolls around in it. What the hell?
Who does that? I've never seen a dog roll all over food. Then....... She picked up a piece and flung it thru the air. Then ran over and ate it. Strange ?
I think so. What is wrong with her?
Anyone ever seen this before?



  1. she is putting her scent on it. I see ours dogs do it all the time. He may kill a rabbit or some other animal. After it is dead he will roll all over it and throw it in the air.

  2. Really? That is so strange.