April 27, 2012

Reality Check

The count down is on.
The next 5k race is this Sunday.
The surgery is this Monday.
I'm feeling better. The colds almost completely gone.
I feel awesome about running this time.
Other than the weather will be chilly.
The sportsman doesn't think I should run. Due to the fact that I can't have surgery if I'm sick.
I get it. But I wanna run too.
We also had a "talk" last night.
Soooooo freaking d o n e with running.
I neeed/ want to get back to lifting.
That is where my true passion is.
We have done too much damn running .
Not enough lifting lately.
This. Started an argument.
Words were said.
Tempers flew. Ok I became a potty mouth.
Once again our goals are different .
He is ok with how he looks. He just wants to maintain.
He doesn't care about looking better.
On the other hand am freakin driven. To be better.
I want to look like I work out.
Not just lean. That. Is. Not. Good enough.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
But I'm not seeing results.
I ask the sportsman. What do I need to do??
His reply??? Of course is blind freakin love.
He thinks I already look great.
Um, hello!!!!!
That's not what I asked .
I need to know. Do I need to change my diet? Do I need to change my workout? Is it all the running?
Geezum man. Help me out here.
His reply again, he's not a body builder
Therefore he doesn't know.
Well hell. Then freakin look it up.
I mean seriously he looks and researches everything else.
Work with me here.
Yes people he does know I'm crazy obsessed.
But he married me for good and bad.
So back to my count downs.
I had to call and make payment arrangements for my bill for surgery cause I'm not independently wealthy.
I asked the lady if I were to die during surgery does the sportsman still have to pay. I think I caught her off guard. Cause there was dead silence on the end of the line. Ha ha.

Think I was joking? Not a chance. I was dead fucking serious.

So now u know. You won't be hearing from me for a couple of days.
Well unless I do die. Then you won't hear from
Me at all. Now that's fucking funny. No?



  1. Peace be with you too :)

    Seriously, good luck with the 5K and even better luck with the surgery as that is a tad more important.

    That's a huge pet peeve of mine when I ask someone a question and they'll take no effort at all to answer it beyond saying they don't know.

    Results? Well, yes that is a tough one. Body type can play a big role - some people have trouble bulking up (if that's what you want).

    If you have trouble losing that last bit of fat to get that ripped/shredded look, some body types have a hard (but not impossible with that).

    For most people that fall between the extremes I think it is having a mixture that changes, heavy weights for bulk, or higher reps, medium weight, along with strict diet and light cardio (20 minutes X 3 per week).

    I had some luck following Body For Life, which does a pretty good job of balancing all three.

    I think in the end, the key to success is that last little bit - making that weight heavier, going to failure, short intense cardio and a very strict diet of protein, lots of veggies, and just enough carbs for fuel.

    Is there any budget for a personal trainer (maybe once a week)? Someone to push always helps

  2. Dont give up the running completely... use it as a supplement.. you need to build lean muscle and that definitely requires lifting and eating right.

    I think you can get there again, there are some great workouts that balance aerobics and weight training, let me know I can point you to some of them.

  3. Hope to hear from you soon!! ;-)