April 19, 2012

Rock the parkway

Yes, my race is over. So now it's time to share some really horrible photos.

They certainly don't make me look the best. I have no makeup on and I look really tired. Of course my energy level was only working at half capacity .

But whatever. It was a race after all not a beauty contest.
So as promised here they are.
Maybe I should give u a before photo
So you can see I don't normally look this shitty?
What cha think?

I do know that the sportsmanship race photos look alot better than mine. Must be a guy thing.
Cause in one of the photos there is this guy that is practically on top of me ( no I haven't a clue who he is) but he doesn't even look like he's sweating.
What the hell!!!!!

I hope my next race ( the 29th) has a better photo of me.



  1. For race pictures, the race pictures are nice. The pic with the big smile is VERY nice.

    What distance? What time?

  2. Awesome race photos. Seriously! Finishing a race is an accomplishment. I looked like hell last year in my post-marathon picture. LOL. But inside I felt awesome at the accomplishment!

  3. Great job, and love the pictures... you need to post the larger versions.

    I need to get back on my bike for an upcoming bike race... should be fun.