April 13, 2012

Count down baby!!!!

16 hours 32 minutes 42 seconds till my race.
What a roller coaster this last two weeks have been.

Where has it left me?
I'll freakin tell you.
Currently I have a head full of snot.
Yes i said SNOT.
I've taken like 3 shits today.
My stomach is jacked .
It hurts when I cough.
But the trooper I am ( my work friend tells me this) I am going to run tomorrow. Regardless.
It's supposed to rain. It's supposed to be windy.
But I will continue on.
Cause that is what I do.
Ate a shitload of carbs for lunch
. Bagels for dinner. ( at 430pm)
Then early to bed.
I got this.


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