April 19, 2012

The Sweet Sweet things

I read this recently, and it made me experience many things. Goosebumps. Wetness. Racing heart. Flushed.
Mostly aroused. I really enjoyed it.

Maybe that's why as a young adult I used to read my dads penthouse and playboy magazines . I really enjoyed the stories. How descriptive they were .
They made me envision what it would be like to have those things done to me. To really experience them myself.
So here it is.
Of you. Of me.
Of your lips around my cock;
Of your fingers around it;
Of my hands under the fabric of your panties;
Of my cock disappearing into you;
Of your nipples, hard enough to cut glass;
As you cum
Of our legs tangled in the sheets after.

Wow. Right. Didnt that just make you feel............
Whew .
Ok. So
I realize maybe this is a little much for some of you. I apologize for that.

But h e r e. is where I share it all.

Everything I feel. Everything I think.
Sometimes that might ruffle some feathers.
But i wouldn't be me if I had to put a band aid on some of my parts.



  1. No ruffled feathers here!
    That was how I started out, flipping through my dad's playboys and penthouses. I really did like the articles.

  2. I just read the articles too.

  3. I just read the articles too.

  4. I just read the articles too.